Next Online Community Roundtable: 2/28 @ Forrester Research

The next Online Community Roundtable will be held Thursday, 2/28 in Foster City. Jeremiah Owyang and the folks at Forrester will host.

If you are interested in attending, please drop me a note.

Also, please note that capacity for this event is 25, so first come, first served. I expect this to fill up.

The Roundtables have been a regular, but intentionally “under the radar” gathering since July of 2005. The intention of the events is to provide an open and safe environment for community practitioners to share experiences and best practices. It’s also an excellent excuse to have a cocktail and meet other interesting people in the space.

To get an idea of what happens at one of the Roundtables, check out this report back from a previous Roundtable at SAP.

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