The Online Community (Strategy) Back to Basics Series: So far #ocb2b

I wanted to post a quick update on the Online Community "Back to Basics" series. First, the bad news: these posts are taking a LOT longer than I originally anticipated. Sorry about that. The good news? The "core" posts are written and posted. The "Core" concerning being defining goals on the business side, researching needs on the member side, and discussing how to evaluate the social media ecosystem. Links to the posts below. I would LOVE your feedback, suggestions and comments.

Overview: Developing an Online Community Strategy

1. Business Goal Definition
How to assemble an internal stakeholder team and facilitate definition of business goals for the community.

2. Member Needs Research
Processes and techniques for engaging community members in a process of discovery and conducting member “needs” research.

3. Social Media Ecosystem Research
Methodology for conducting a discovery exercise of the relevant parts of the social web to find out where your community (or potential community) is already working and playing.

I would LOVE your feedback, suggestions and comments.

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One comment

  1. @NouveauGeek

    Wow, this is SO useful. I have been trying to write something like this from scratch, having never developed an online community strategy before. I’m looking forward to the rest of your posts. Thank you!

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