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  • How many of today’s headlines will matter in 100 years? TED Blog: And now, the real news: Kirk Citron on TED.com

    via blog.ted.com I *LOVE* the idea of “long news”. We have done a poor job societally of late in critically evaluating the information we consume. I love the notion of trying to assess the half life of information Posted via web from Social Architect

  • Dude, Dell’s Getting a Bill

    I have some personal career news that I would like to share: I’m joining Dell’s Community and Social Media team on April 5th! I’m very excited to be going to a company that has shown true leadership and vision in the social media space, including Ideastorm and their effective use of Twitter. I’ll miss my […]

  • 3 sacred cows about online community that need to be challenged

    Photo cred: http://www.flickr.com/photos/skinnyde/146763376/ The sacred cows I mention below have been on my mind for sevral months now, but I was inspired to take action after a community management panel that I attended at SxSWi. My intention with this post is not to suggest that we do away these sacred cows, but to start to […]

  • :: @chrismessina recomends The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It

    This extraordinary book explains the engine that has catapulted the Internet from backwater to ubiquity—and reveals that it is sputtering precisely because of its runaway success. With the unwitting help of its users, the generative Internet is on a path to a lockdown, ending its cycle of innovation—and facilitating unsettling new kinds of control. IPods, […]

  • Social Marketing Compensation Research | Online Community Report

    Social Marketing Compensation Research Posted on09 March 2010. Tags: #somarkcomp, compensation, Jobs, marketing, OCRN, social marketing, Social Media, womma The Social Marketing Compensation Study was initiated in December of 2009 as a joint research project between the Online Community Research Network and WOMMA. The intention of the study was to get a broad look at […]

  • Proud to be Participating: SXSW Cause Lab | WeCanEndThis

    On March 15, the CauseLab kicks-off a 30-day virtual brainstorm through a new digital co-creation platform called Goodzuma — all in an effort to develop the most powerful, effective, and impactful ideas to end hunger in America. We are inviting disrupters and innovators from all disciplines to solve three main challenges to ending hunger in […]

  • From Pew: Generations Online in 2009 Charts

    via slideshare.net Great data. I had forgotten about this report. Posted via web from Social Architect

  • Developing a Social Strategy: Research Project Open for Participation

    note: this is cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog. The next Online Community Research Network project is open for participation. In January, OCRN members discussed and prioritized a long list of topics, and the issue that made top of the list was “Developing Social a Strategy”. The OCRN chose to study how social media […]

  • Playlist: Songs about the Ocean / Sea

    What would you add? Undertow – REM I’m the ocean – Neil Young Up the beach – Jane’s Addiction Ocean size – Jane’s Addiction surfwax usa – Weezer My wave – Soundgarden The Ocean – Led Zepplin Wave of Mutilation – Pixies Black Wave / Bad Vibrations – Arcade Fire Sea Legs – the Shins […]

  • The Online Community (Strategy) Back to Basics Series: So far #ocb2b

    I wanted to post a quick update on the Online Community "Back to Basics" series. First, the bad news: these posts are taking a LOT longer than I originally anticipated. Sorry about that. The good news? The "core" posts are written and posted. The "Core" concerning being defining goals on the business side, researching needs […]