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  • Community Strategy Design

    Community Strategy Design

    I was first introduced to the concept of a design process in my sophomore year of college. I was taking a sculpture class and we were preparing to start on our self-portrait busts. Our professor had us read “The Universal Traveler” by Koberg & Bagnell, follow the process they describe in the book, and keep […]

  • Metaverse: Season 3 of the Cohere Podcast

    Metaverse: Season 3 of the Cohere Podcast

    During Season 2 of the Cohere podcast, Dr. Lauren Vargas and I examined the role networks play in our lives – from the obvious to the subtle. In Season 3, Lauren and I are exploring the topic dominating the discussion of our collective digital future: the Metaverse. Our intention is to have a discussion will […]

  • Developing Community Strategy, Goals & Measurements (Community Value Part 3)

    Note: this is the third in a series of posts about community value. If you missed “A Perspective on Community Value“ or “Understanding the Community Opportunity“, I’d recommend starting there. Co-Author: Brian Pagels This post (part 3 of a 4 part series) builds on the concepts outlined in “A Perspective on Community Value“ and “Understanding the […]

  • Understanding the Community Opportunity (Community Value Part 2)

    Note: this is the second in a series of posts about community value. If you missed “A Perspective on Community Value“, I’d recommend starting there. In the last decade, many companies have come to understand how valuable (and critical) their direct relationships with customers are. The most strategic organizations understand that these relationships are part […]

  • A Perspective on Community Value (Part 1 of a Series)

    This is the first of a four-part series on the topic of community value. The series is based in large part, on the output of a series of small-group working sessions and primary research that began in 2018, as well as learnings and observations from my career. A Personal Perspective I’ve worked with some form […]

  • The Cohere Podcast – Season 2 Update

    The Cohere podcast is in its second season. In season 1 covered a range of important topics related to communities and networks, including creating connection during the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of the next 3 billion people coming online and how to create a collaborative online future with AI. We’re well underway with Season 2, […]

  • Customer Communities Are Critical For Business Transformation

    The last few years have seen big brands make extraordinary investments in developing massive “digital transformation” and social media programs. On one hand, these programs have yielded moments of customer connection, advocacy and insight. Unfortunately, for the majority of programs reliant on mass social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, organic reach has dropped effectively to 0 and companies are now forced to […]

  • Aligning Your Enterprise Community Strategy With Your Customer’s Career Journey

    Aligning Your Enterprise Community Strategy With Your Customer’s Career Journey

    Use these three contexts to help create a bigger and better future for your company’s community.

  • Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation

    Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation

    This is a short post to recap the online workshop I did with David Spinks of CMX about developing Collaborative Innovation Communities. Below you will find an overview of the session, the slide deck from the session, a link to the companion worksheet and the working list of brand-based CI communities and innovation platforms we’ve been tracking at Structure3C.

  • Building Modern Communities #SwarmConf

    I was honored to be asked to keynote the SWARM Community Managers Conference in Sydney this week, hosted by conference Co-Founders Alison Michalk and Venessa Paech. The conference featured a range of topics and an impressive group of expert practitioners sharing their views on Community building. My keynote focused on the need for a modern […]