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  • Cool News OTD: One of the best marketing resources you’ve probably never heard of

    I’ve been subscribed to the Cool News of the Day newsletter (also available in convenient blog form) for several years. It’s the ONLY email newsletter that I read daily. Cool News highlights innovation in marketing strategy and execution. A lot of the articles skew towards retail, but they  is always some gem of information in […]

  • Bloggers Code of Conduct

    Cross-posted from the OC Report: Tim O’Reilly has called for and drafted a Bloggers code of conduct, mostly in response to the over-the-top harassment that Kathy Sierra received a few weeks ago. From the O’Reilly Radar blog: We celebrate the blogosphere because it embraces frank and open conversation. But frankness does not have to mean […]

  • Online Community Report: 2 great interviews

    Two interviews I recently conducted for the Online Community Report: Shawn Morton from TechRepulic / Cnet In addition to his “day job” as Product Manager for TechRepublic, Shawn is also behind Profilactic.com. Steve Nelson from Clear Ink Steve has a great point of view on the intersection of marketing and online community, and keen insite […]

  • Wikipedia, Wikia & Wales

    Sounds like a lawfirm, eh? The latest Biz 2.0 has an excellent article about Wikipedia, Wales new , for profit venture Wikia, and provides a good bit of insight into Wales himself. One of the articles best quotes comes from Gil Penchia, CEO of Wikia, commenting on the company’s mission: “We are a for-profit company, […]

  • NIN “Year Zero”: Incredibly cool backstory for new album

    Everyone loves a mystery, including Trent Reznor, apparently. A few weeks ago I read about a new NIN song being leaked by being left in a bathroom on a flash drive. I had no idea it was part of an elaborate backstory to the new Nine Inch Nail’s concept album “Year Zero” From RS’s “Rock […]

  • The last 24 hours = awesome

    I’ve have had the best last 24 hours… Yesterday at 11am I participated with Matthew Lee and Patricia Seybold in a web conference about measuring value in online communities. You can see the event details and view an archive here. This morning I sent out the NEW Online Community Report newsletter. I’m really proud of […]

  • CommunityNext: A report back

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog: I attended the CommunityNext conference at Stanford yesterday, hosted by the kinetic Noah Kagan. My only disappointment was that I never found out if Noah actually does still live with his Mother. And the fact that there was no wifi. You can see a copy of the day’s […]