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  • Announcing the Online Community Unconference 2013 – We’re Back!

    File under: blog posts I never thought I would be writing – but excited that I am. It’s been an interesting journey to get here (and I’m certain it will continue to be), but I’m very pleased to announce that we will hosting the Online Community Unconference in Mountain View, CA on May 21ist. > You […]

  • #OCTRibe Topic: Valuing Participation in Online Communities

    Note: This is cross-posted from the Online Community Report. I’m pleased to be kicking off the 2nd topic in the #octribe discussion, following the kickoff topic of “Influencers” by Gail Williams two weeks ago. How OCTribe works Write something tomorrow (Tuesday, July 28), tag it #octribe or tweet it as #octribe, and your post will […]

  • Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report. One of the most exciting things about the Unconference format is the fact that there are so many sessions running simultaneously. This can also be on of the most frustrating, as it is impossible to be everywhere at once. Thankfully, participants generally try to take thorought notes of their […]

  • Highlights from Unconferences Past

    Cross posted from the Online Community Report. We are just over 2 weeks away from our Online Community Unconference, to be held 6/10 in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum. One of the most valuable resources that comes out of our Unconference series is the set of session notes that are posted to the […]

  • Session Notes from the OC Unconference East (and the wiki is open)

    Cross posted from the Online Community Report: We just opened up the wiki from the Online Community Unconference East, held 2/12 at Baruch College in New York. The wiki can be found here: http://www.socialtext.net/ocue2009/ You will find notes for many of the sessions on the wiki, and folks are still adding, so be sure and […]

  • Online Community Unconference East – 2009

    Our first event of 2009, the Online Community Unconference East is going to be held on February 11 in New York City. We expect 150 online community and social media professionals to attend, and we expect there to be between 30-40 collaborative sessions. Current attendees include: Google, Edelman, Ebay, Consumer Reports, Deutsche Telekom, iVillage, and […]

  • Online Communities: Surviving and Thriving in a Downturn (Part 1)

    Note: this is cross posted from the Online Community Report Unfortunately, there has been a lot of very grim economic news of late. The purpose of this post isn’t to give an overview of the current situation, but to highlight possible implications of a slower economy on business, and by extension on online community budgets. […]

  • Online Community Events for Fall & Winter 08

    We are just beginning the mad rush of the fall and winter conference season, and I wanted to highlight a few events that I am participating in. Online Community Roundtable: October 2 – San Jose, CA The Online Community Roundtable series is a free netowrking event that I have been hosting since 2005. The Roundtables […]

  • Online Community Unconference 2008: Wiki Open

    The wiki for the Online Community Unconference 2008 is now open to all for reading / commenting. Of particular value are the session notes. The wiki can be found here: http://www.socialtext.net/ocu2008 Selected session notes include: Worst Case Scenerios – What to do when things go terribly wrong Cross Networking Madness – How are niche communities […]

  • Online Community Compensation: Your Input Needed

    At the Online Community Unconference a couple of weeks ago, it became clear to me that we are at an inflection point with the “industry” of Online Community. On of the key issues community professionals face is that we (as an industry) are suffering from a lack of solid benchmarks, including compensation of online community […]