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  • Community Platform & Services Satisfaction Research

    The Online Community Research Network is currently conducting our next research project to assess the level of satisfaction with online community platforms, and platform and service providers. The research targets online community executives, strategists, and managers, working both in the commercial and non-profit space. If you would like to participate in the study, you can […]

  • Online Community Research: Community Culture

    The Online Community Research Network is kicking off our next research project to study how online community cultures form, what factors effect change, and how hosts maintain a desired culture. We have found that the best source of information about community best practice and strategy comes from the collective experience of real-world practitioners. If you […]

  • Online Community Research Network: Our Research Agenda

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report: Over the last 3 years we’ve conducted research with over a 1000 organizations actively engaged with online communties, including Fortune 500 companies, cutting edge community-based startups and some of the world’s leading non-profit organizations. We are currently conducting 6 studies annually, and we typically release the research reports (for […]

  • Online Community Engagement: Recent Research

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report We conducted the Online Community Marketing, Growth and Engagement research study in May of this year, as part of the continuing efforts of the Online Community Research Network. Our goal was to gain insight into how people are measuring engagement in their online communities and to understand how many […]

  • Marketing & Online Communities Research Report Released

    Our Online Community Research Network (http://www.onlinecommunityresearch.com) initiated the The Marketing & Online Community research study in June of 2007. The study explored the current state of marketing to online communities, from the perspective of both the online community host, as well as from the perspective of the marketer. The research participants included large software companies, […]

  • Online Community ROI 2007 – Report Released

    We publicly released the Online Community ROI report last week. The research project was conducted as part of the Online Community Research Network agenda, and was initially released to OCRN members in May. The study had many interesting findings, including: • Only 22% of respondents could clearly articulate ROI on community efforts • The majority […]