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  • Marketing & Online Communities Conference: Updates

    The Marketing & Online Communities conference is a little over two months away. The pre-conference activities are heating up, and I wanted to provide a short update. First, we launched a Marketing & Online Communities microsite, with more information on speakers, location and sponsors. Our confirmed speaker and adviser list includes: • Dave Bottoms – […]

  • The evolving role of the Community Manager

    Cross posted from the OC Report: The topic of online community team organizational structures seems to be getting increasingly hot. The two main questions seem to be: • Where does the community team “belong” in a corporate structure? • What are the roles on that team? I’ve explored the former a couple of times, so […]

  • Online Community Roundtable @ SAP: Wrap up

    A big thanks to Mario Herger and Mark Finnern from SAP for hosting the group, and for their continued support and participation. We had a really great turn out, and lively discussion. First, we are relaxing the “soft NDA” policy quite a bit. We are now asking participants to let other attendees know what shouldn’t […]

  • An Update on the Marketing & Online Communities Conference

    Please note: This is cross-posted from the Online Community Report.   The Marketing & Online Communities conference is coming up November 8 in NYC. We are holding it at the superfly Tribeca Grand hotel. Did I say superfly? Indeed. Speaking of superfly, I started pinning down advisors and speakers this week. The ideal mix we […]

  • Dude, where have you been?

    Howdy all. I thought it was worth a quick update to explain my blog absence. I understand that this is sort of a rite of passage in some cultures 🙂 I’ve been offline for most of the last week because my Grandmother  Johnston passed away last Monday. I caught the redeye last Tuesday night from […]

  • Facebook: Kottke calls it

    As I’ve said before, I REALLY don’t get all the hype about facebook. Jason Kottke nails it in two with his original and clarification post comparing Facebook to AOL. It’s just that I, unlike many other people, don’t think that Facebook and Facebook Platform are the future of the web. The platform is great for […]

  • Next Online Community Roundtable is tomorrow, June 12

    Leverage is hosting the next Online Community Roundtable tomorrow at their offices in SF. I’m expecting 15 people. Should be a nice change from last week’s Unconference, in that I will actually have time to talk to people. Looking forward to it! If you would like to stop by, email me or call my cell: […]

  • Online Community Unconference: Creation of Schedule Grid

    The Online Community Unconference was based on the principals of Open Space Technology, which essentially puts the days agenda and content in the hands of the attendees. One of the most amazing things about the Unconference was seeing the blank session grid being created the night before, and them filling up with interesting content in […]

  • Aloha – slow blogging week

    I’m in Kona with my family, so this is a slow blogging week 🙂 I’m online today working on final details of the Online Community Unconference.

  • Online Influencers: The new SEO (a.k.a snake oil)?

    I just stumbled across this Information Week article on Online Influencers. (link is to the less-sucky print view. My God guys, could you have more obnoxious ads?) The article provides a decent overview of the pros and cons of influencer programs… it stirkes me that some marketers quoted in the story arelooking for short cuts […]