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  • Online Communities: Surviving and Thriving in a Downturn (Part 1)

    Note: this is cross posted from the Online Community Report Unfortunately, there has been a lot of very grim economic news of late. The purpose of this post isn’t to give an overview of the current situation, but to highlight possible implications of a slower economy on business, and by extension on online community budgets.…

  • Community 2.0 Event / 5-12 thru 14

    I’ll be in Vegas next Monday, 5/12 thru Wednesday 5/14 at the Community 2.0 conference. I’m on a panel with Chris Messina and Dawn Foster (Jive) discussing online reputation. Will you be there? If so, give me a shout out: bjohnston@forumone.com Viva!

  • Forum One – Online Community Events for 2008

    Online Communiteers – Breaking news: we have finalized our event series for 2008. I wanted to give the OC Report readers a sneak peek, as well as to let you know that we have opened registration and have a special “super early bird” rate for our OCU East and Mobile Communities Unconferences. Our events series…

  • Autodesk: Community 2.0 Presentation (from 3/05)

    I ran across this yesterday on an old hard drive and thought I would post. community2_0.pdf Daniel Siriste, the manager of AREA, and I gave this presentation to our global marketing team in March 2005 as food for thought in their community-building plans. I’ve removed any proprietary information (of course).

  • More from Community 2.0

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report: The Shared Insights folks have posted links to all the blog covergage from the Community 2.0 conference here: http://www.community2-0con.com/?p=238 I’ve had a few days to let all the threads running through my brain since the end of the conference settle. Here are the things that rise to the surface.…

  • My Slides: Community ROI – Return on Information

    Here are my slides from the Community 2.0 session: “Community ROI – Return on Information” http://www.kingmonkey.com/ocmetrics_c20_final.pdf

  • Off to Community 2.0

    I’m heading off to the airport, and will be in Las Vegas tonight thru Wednesday. If you would like to meet up, call my cell 415.299.9638, or send me an email: bjohnston@forumone.com.

  • Community 2.0: My Sessions

    It’s official, the community 2.0 conference agenda has been confirmed. http://community2-0con.com/?page_id=4 My sessions are: Monday, March 12, 2007 ~ 1:45 – 2:30pm (I. THEORY & STRATEGY) Understanding the Basic Strategies for Business Communities Speakers: Bill Johnston, Forum One Anders Nancke-Kroch, Nokia Sonali Shah, Univ. of Illinois In this session we will review the basic strategies…