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  • Who Owns Community? – Webinar this Wednesday

     I’m doing a webinar with Matthew Lees from the Patricia Seybold Group this Wednesday about how the community team functions and is funded in the corporate environment. Please join us if you can. Who Owns Community? – Webinar Aligning Business Sponsorship and Responsibility with Community Goals Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 […]

  • Online Community Summit: A report back

    The sixth Online Community Summit was held last Thursday and Friday, October 4th and 5th in Sonoma, CA. We had a really great group of folks this year (as usual), ranging from small startups and non-profits, to large software, online and media companies. The size of the Summit is small and feels really intimate. Because […]

  • 5 Questions Webinar: My content, transcript and archive

    I had the pleasure of participating in a webinar yesterday with George Jaquette of Intuit and Aaron Strout of Shared Insights. Aaron just posted the webinar archive and transcript on the Wearesmarter.com site. Additionally, I wanted to post my notes from the event, which more or less sum up what I said (or meant to […]

  • Webinar: 5 Questions Every Company is Asking About their Community

    I am doing a webinar on Tuesday, September 25th with George Jaquette of Intuit and Aaron Strout of Shared Insights. We will be exploring the following 5 questions that most companies are asking about their community initiatives: 1. How do I create a value-driven community strategy? 2. Which metrics should I be measuring?(Measuring value in […]

  • New Facebook Group: Online Community Roundtable

    Our Online community Roundtable group on Facebook is approaching 100 members! If you would like to stay informed of the groups activities, and potential meetings in your area, join the Facebook group here.

  • Online Community ROI: Reporting on Dimensions of Value

    We conducted the Online Community ROI research study in May of 2007, as a function of the Online Community Research Network. The study explored how organizations determined ROI, what dimensions of value were being reported to management, and the attitudes in the organization around the concept of community value. We had over 50 completed surveys, […]

  • The evolving role of the Community Manager

    Cross posted from the OC Report: The topic of online community team organizational structures seems to be getting increasingly hot. The two main questions seem to be: • Where does the community team “belong” in a corporate structure? • What are the roles on that team? I’ve explored the former a couple of times, so […]

  • Marketing & Online Communities: Techniques still rudimentary

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report. I initiated the Marketing & Online Community research study in June of 2007, as a function of the Online Community Research Network. The study was conceived as an investigation into the current state of marketing to online communities, from the perspective of both the online community host, as well […]

  • Online Community Research: Metrics 2007 Report Posted

    The Online Community Metrics 2007 research report has been posted on the Online Community Research Network. You can download the report from the OCRN home page. Some of the most significant findings published in this study include: • Metrics options: a wide-ranging list of new and different metrics which respondents found valuable apart from the […]

  • Blogging’s A-list – Off with their heads?

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report. A cry for revolution was heard over the July 4th holiday this week, for the era of the A list bloggers to come to an end. It all started (i think) with Kent Newsome’s pretty hilarious spoof on the Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of Blogging Independence, where he […]