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  • Dude, where have you been?

    Howdy all. I thought it was worth a quick update to explain my blog absence. I understand that this is sort of a rite of passage in some cultures 🙂 I’ve been offline for most of the last week because my Grandmother  Johnston passed away last Monday. I caught the redeye last Tuesday night from […]

  • Random Updates: OCU2007, Roundtable, InfoWeek, and Marketing & Online Community

    Here is a week’s worth of blogging, condensed to one day 🙂 OCU2007 There is literally TONS of great content about the OCU floating around this week: Online Community Unconference Wiki (session notes / handouts) Online Community Unconference Photos – flickr OCU 2007 Show – BlogTV Still debating the future of communities after all these […]

  • OC Business Forum Starts today in Sonoma

    We will be adding blog posts, flickr feeds and maybe even a tweet or two throughout the day.

  • I know we are in a bubble again

    I have predicted that when people start talking on their mobiles while peeing again, we would be in another bubble. As of 3:30 pm yesterday, we are officially in another bubble. ps: I was not the guilty party. pss: what’s up with that people?

  • Great stuff from the latest OC Report Newsletter

    You aren’t subscribed? Shame on you! Go here: http://www.onlinecommunityreport.com/ OK, here’s the good stuff. John Hagel’s POV on Community 2.0 In this eloquent and poignant post, John builds upon his keynote at c2.o to offer one of the most relevant perspectives on the current state of online communities, and the “Bottom Line Opportunity”. OC Expert […]

  • NIN: Year Zero – Good update

    News.com has a pretty decent update on the NIN Year Zero campaign. (Thanks for the Link John Kraft!) I’m not a HUGE NIN fan (i do like them), but I find this campaign fascinating. Especially that the RIAA is actually trying to get the “leaked” mp3s from the album (approved by Reznor) pulled from fan […]

  • Strategy Anxiety

    I’ve heard a lot of discussion around creating formal online community strategies in the last 6 months. I’ve also heard of (and experienced) community efforts that are stalled or even abandoned because of lack of a formal, codified strategy. Personally, I think this is just silly. Think about it: What if you had to come […]

  • Online Community Roundtable #8

    We had another successful Online Community Roundtable event in Mountain View last night. George Jaquette from Intuit was good enough to host. Representatives from several Bay Area companies attended, including Autodesk, Apple, Salesforce.com, Symantec, SAP, Dwell Magazine and the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation. The Online Community Roundtable is an opportunity for managers of the […]

  • OC Business Forum

    Cross-posted from the OC Report: OC Business Forum: Coming Together Nicely! Thursday, March 29. 2007 The Online Community Business Forum is coming together nicely. We are hosting the invitation-based event May 3 – 4 in Sonoma. Sorry, but I have to drop a few names here: we have attendees from Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, eBay, […]

  • What’s up with Tivo?

    Disclaimer: I love my Tivo, like everyone else. What’s up with Tivo? Why is it: So hard to connect with other Tivo users and share content? So hard to transfer content between Tivo and my pc and macs? So hard to download premium content, like movies, to my Tivo ( i know it’s in the […]