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SxSW09: What does a community manager do? THE PANEL! (please vote)



I’ve been invited to be a panel at 2009 SXSW Interactive Festival entitled “What Does A Community Manager Do?”. Aside from being deliriously happy to have an excuse to go to SXSW, I am also stoked by the opportunity to be on a panel with really smart and experinced people talking about online communities.

I’ll be joined by Jake McKee and Connie Benson, and Dave Peck (a.k.a. Britney Mason) will moderate.

Please vote for our panel! You have until August 28th.

Busy March and April: events I am hosting / attending

Lot’s of good online community events coming up, including:

Online Community Roundtable: Seattle
We will be on campus at Microsoft the evening of 3/12. Want to attend? Send me an email.

Mobile Communities Unconference: 3/20 in Palo Alto
Forum One Network’s next Unconference focuses on the possibilities (and challenges) of online community and social media experienced via wireless handsets.

What’s Next: Boomer Summit: 3/26 in DC
Our good friend Mary Furlong is hosting the Boomer Summit. I’m leading panels on “What’s Next in Technology” and Social Networking.

Online Community Business Summit: 4/14-15 in Santa Fe
Forum One Network’s gathering of industry leaders to discuss the business of online community. Who’s coming? Linden Lab, Apple, Cisco, VMWare, Sony and Microsoft to name a few. Want an inviation? Send me an email.

May and June? Even busier 🙂 More good stuff to highlight and announce soon.

Online Community Roundtable: 2/28 @ Forrester – a report back

We had a great group of social media and community strategists at the Online Community Roundtable at Forrester last night. A BIG thanks to Jeremiah Owyang and his colleagues at Forrester for hosting.

We had a range of organizations and perspectives represented, from non-profit, to startup to large commercial organizations. In attendance (cribbed from Jeremiah’s notes) were Intel, Webex, CyWorld, Charles and Helen Schwab Organization, Cadence, YouTube, Lithium, Leverage, LiveWorld, MotiveLab, Ringcube, Intuit, Symantec, VM Ware, Wyse, Babycenter, Tesla Motors, Joyent, SixApart, On24. Chris

We start the evening with an hour of networking, which gives folks time to unwind and chat… and in this case de-stress from the horrible traffic. I generally start pestering folks to sign up for discussion lead slots about 30 minutes before the main session starts. We had six open slots last night, which led to 90 minutes of great discussion.

The sessions were:
1. Rich Reader: Netsquared Mashup Challenge
Rich gave an overview of the the N2Y3 Mashup Challenge. Form the Challenge FAQ it “is all about helping projects gain new insight into the data that applies to their mission-based activities. We believe that sharper insight leads to smarter decision-making about how best to spend limited resources and time.”

2. Jenna Woodul and Mark Williams – LiveWorld- “Online Community Redevelopment”
Jenna and Mark walked us through a case study on reclaiming a community gone wild. The keys? Expressing and modeling the desired culture, refining the role of moderator, and, in some cases, giving the members who want to run wild a place to play that is away from the general community population.

3. Charlene Li – Forrester – “Future of Social Networks”
Charlene gave us a sneak peak at her Graphing Social Patterns presentation. I don’t think it would be fair to her to give a full brain dump of this before the conference, but one of the most interesting ideas she put forward was the coming shift from “activities happening on social networks” to “social networks happening on top of activities”

4. Ken Kaplan – Intel – “Storytelling”
Ken led a discussion on the importance of storytelling in marketing activities in general, but also the importance of allowing the community to participate in the narrative.

5. Angie Ryan – Cyworld – “Casual Gaming, Social Networks, 3D Space / VR”
Angie led a very interesting discussion on virtual worlds, and gave a comparison of Cyworld Korea with Cyworld US.

6. Chris Kenton – MotiveLab “Marketing Integration”
Chris gave an accelerated history of marketing session. The money quote? Today’s marketers are 2 generations removed from

Again, a big thanks to Jeremiah and the folks at Forrester for hosting. Want to get on the Roundtable invite list? Email me or join the Rountable Facebook group.

Roundtable at Forrester 2/28: FULL (was -Still have a couple of seats)

Update: 5:00pm
we are full! Awesome group of folks coming, including:
Autodesk, Intel, Joyen, WebEx, Cyworld, babycenter, Tesla Motors, Cisco, TechSoup and Symantec.

I’ll post a follow up tomorrow with details!

The next Online Community Roundtable is tomorrow (Thursday, 2/28) in Foster City, from 5:30 – 8:30. Jeremiah Owyang and the folks at Forrester will host.If you are interested in attending, please drop me a note. I have a couple of seats open.

Organzations attending include: Cyworld, Cisco, VMWare, WebEx, Joyent, Intel, and Symantec.The Roundtables have been a regular, but intentionally “under the radar” gathering since July of 2005.

The intention of the events is to provide an open and safe environment for community practitioners to share experiences and best practices. It’s also an excellent excuse to have a cocktail and meet other interesting people in the space.

To get an idea of what happens at one of the Roundtables, check out this report back from a previous Roundtable at SAP.

Microsoft is hosting a Roundtable on 3/12 on campus in Redmond. Please drop me a note if you are interested in attending that one as well.

Online Community Unconfernece East: A report back

(This is cross-posted from the Online Community Report)

We had a fantastic OC Unconference East in New York City last Thursday. Over one hundred online community and social media professionals were in attendance, and we had over 40 collaborative sessions. I’ve captured highlights below. I’ve also just opened up the Unconference wiki, so you can check out the session notes for yourself.

Organizations in attendance included:
AOL, MTV, Consumers Union (consumer reports), Cyworld, Business Week, Socialtext, IBM, Mzinga, Spinvox, Twing.com, Salon.com, Harvard Business, MediaBistro, KickApps, HP, TV Guide and Zagat.com.

Sessions ( a partial list)
– What is necessary to start a successful social network?
– Social Movements/Communities with a Cause:
– Enterprise And Large Organizations Meets Community
– User Managed Communities: where users make the rules
– Community Building: Resources and Considerations
– Virtual Goods 101
– Social Media Optimization
– Customer/Consumer Communities for Co-Innovation
– Twitter Strategies for the Enterprise
– Culture vs. Community: Intention-based content
– Community Analytics: measuring success & failure
– Social Networks: Likes/dislikes and what you want to know
– Virtual Goods and Virtual World Interactions
– Building Enterprise IT: Colloboration & interface to internal systems (using wikis)
– Open ID & other user-centric identity technologies (Higgins, Infocards, SAML)

You can see pictures from the Unconference here:


Again, the wiki is now open to the public for reading. We do restrict the right to edit / post to Unconference attendees.

Blog posts about the Unconference

Online Community Unconference East – KickApps Blog
Online Community Unconference 2008 – Updates – Modern Metrix Blog
Live Blogging at ForumOne’s Community Unconference 2/21 – Aaron Strout / Mzinga

Next Unconference:
Our next Unconference is the Mobile Communities Unconference March 20 in Palo Alto. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities with community building via mobile devices I would encourage you to come check it out.