• CommunityNext: A report back

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog: I attended the CommunityNext conference at Stanford yesterday, hosted by the kinetic Noah Kagan. My only disappointment was that I never found out if Noah actually does still live with his Mother. And the fact that there was no wifi. You can see a copy of the day’s […]

  • Cisco: Serious about this Human Network thing

    Mukund at the Best engaging Communities blog called this morning with news that Cisco has acquired is in the process of aquiring Five Apart. I guess they are serious about this “Human network thing. More here. And the official cisco press release.

  • Cole’s “Tracking Online Community Participation” prezo published

    From the Brand Summit. Jeff Cole’s presentation on tracking online community participation. A few interesting slides, especially the 3 labeled “life of a 12-24″,” 25 – 54″, and” 55+”. Nothing really shocking here… all the kidee-loos (12-24) will be connected to and use the net exclusively on their mobiles, and won’t read newspapers (still don’t […]

  • Webinar: Measuring the Success of Online Communities

    I’m part of the following webinar discussion. Please check it out: Webinar: Measuring the Success of Online Communities February 13, 2007 – 11am (PT) / 2pm (ET) How do you know if your existing community is adding value and being successful? How do you build a business case for launching a new community?Some success measures […]

  • Perkins: 2007 = Web 2.0 shakeout

    Is it over already? In a recent post on AO, Tony P. says that “Pretty soon, I predict we’ll see one of the well-known, over-funded brands like Technorati, PodTech, or Brightcove outed by a site like TechDirt or Valleywag for having had a major layoff or down investment round. We’ve already seen early high-flyers like […]

  • Going to CommunityNext?

    I am. If you are around, and interested in meeting, send an email or call my cell. bjohnston@forumone.com / 415.299.9638 I look like this. I will be dressed a lot nicer.

  • Online Community Metrics

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog . How are you measuring the performance and health of your community? This may seem like a strange or even whimsical question. Communities are organic and ever-evolving entities, right? Trying to benchmark and measure something as inherently chaotic and dynamic as online community performance, health, or the shiny […]

  • Autodesk Communities

    The Small Company, Big Image blog has published a very flattering post about the Autodesk online communities. It’s really satisfying to see external validation of the strategy that we developed and exectued on over the last few years. Thanks Cynthia!

  • HBR / Ebay Article – Full research published!

    As I mentioned on the OC Report blog… Apologies in advance for being way too excited about this! Francois from the Future of Communities blog just posted an article with access to the full research that Prof. Paul Dholokia from Rice conducted for the Ebay article in the October issue of HBR. Link: Customer service […]

  • New Year, New Job, New Blog

    Hello world, again. Lot’s of change happening, to get 07 off with a bang. First, I left my job at Autodesk to take a job with Forum One Communications. Among other things, F1 runs the Online Community Summit confernce, and also hosts the OC Report blog. I’m coming on as Director of Community and Research, […]