• The new office

    I traded a daily commute into SF for a once a week commute to Sonoma. I gave up a partial view of  the bay for an office overlooking the Sonoma Square. Am I ok with the change? You bet 🙂

  • Social Networking: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Cross-posted from the OC Report: A recent article in InformationWeek asks “Has Social Networking Gone Too Far?” The article primarily focuses on the recently launched redesign of the USA Today web site. An overview article from the USA Today touts many participatory features, like content rating, multiple article sources, discussion groups and uploading photos. From […]

  • Cisco: Now it’s Tribe

    Cross-posted from the OC Report: Is this the beginning of the inevitable consolidation that seems to be coming in the online community space? First it was Five Apart, a community platform company. Yesterday Cisco announced it was buying Tribe. Thanks to Mukund for the heads up. From TechCrunch: “The hope is to use the two […]

  • Web 2.0 Panel Podcast from September

    This is a little dated, but I thought I would post. I was on a panel discussing the implications of Web 2.0 back in September, hosted by SofTECH in Marin. Dana Welch helped put the panel together, and Paul Calento of InfoWorld moderated. Bryann Quinn from SpyMedia, and Bob Rebholz from Microsoft were on the […]

  • Joost Beta – I had 2 invites

    I have had 2 invites to the Joost beta. There is a mac client now. Drop my an email if you want one. bjohnston@forumone.com Josh and Rachel were first to email, and they are now Joosting.

  • Wikipedia, Wikia & Wales

    Sounds like a lawfirm, eh? The latest Biz 2.0 has an excellent article about Wikipedia, Wales new , for profit venture Wikia, and provides a good bit of insight into Wales himself. One of the articles best quotes comes from Gil Penchia, CEO of Wikia, commenting on the company’s mission: “We are a for-profit company, […]

  • Community 2.0: My Sessions

    It’s official, the community 2.0 conference agenda has been confirmed. http://community2-0con.com/?page_id=4 My sessions are: Monday, March 12, 2007 ~ 1:45 – 2:30pm (I. THEORY & STRATEGY) Understanding the Basic Strategies for Business Communities Speakers: Bill Johnston, Forum One Anders Nancke-Kroch, Nokia Sonali Shah, Univ. of Illinois In this session we will review the basic strategies […]

  • NIN “Year Zero”: Incredibly cool backstory for new album

    Everyone loves a mystery, including Trent Reznor, apparently. A few weeks ago I read about a new NIN song being leaked by being left in a bathroom on a flash drive. I had no idea it was part of an elaborate backstory to the new Nine Inch Nail’s concept album “Year Zero” From RS’s “Rock […]

  • Universal Online ID soon?

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog: One of the topics of most interest to me is the concept of a universal online identity, and the supporting set of preferences that would follow me throughout my digital day, tailoring my content and experiences. With compelling new sites popping up every week, and a lack of […]

  • The last 24 hours = awesome

    I’ve have had the best last 24 hours… Yesterday at 11am I participated with Matthew Lee and Patricia Seybold in a web conference about measuring value in online communities. You can see the event details and view an archive here. This morning I sent out the NEW Online Community Report newsletter. I’m really proud of […]