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  • Business Social Software Jeopardy: See me in action!

    The video from yesterday’s Business Social Software Jeopardy session is up: It was a lot of fun. Sam was an excellent Trebec, and Jeremiah Owyang and Laura Ramos of Forrester proved worthy adversaries. Sam has an excellent write up here: Juicy tidbits from yesterday’s Jeopardy!

  • How to Develop a Community Strategy

    INTRODUCTION: This post is targeted at folks just getting started with online community activities at their respective organizations. It is written with the brand or product-specific corporate communities in mind, but is somewhat applicable to independent communities and non profit organizations.A few key points to begin with: First, the working assumption here is that most […]

  • The Social Graph: A Conversation with Marc Smith from Microsoft Research

    Note: This is cross-posted from the OC Report. You have probably been hearing the term “social graph” a lot in recent weeks. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook describes the concept in a recent Business Week article: As he (Zuckerberg) describes it, this is a mathematical construct that maps the real-life connections between every human on the […]

  • Marketing & Online Communities: Techniques still rudimentary

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report. I initiated the Marketing & Online Community research study in June of 2007, as a function of the Online Community Research Network. The study was conceived as an investigation into the current state of marketing to online communities, from the perspective of both the online community host, as well […]

  • Online Community Roundtable: June 12 in SF

    As many of you know, I run a semi formal and somewhat-invitation-based networking group for online community pros with George Jaquette from Intuit. We try to get together bi-monthly, alternating between the south bay and SF. A little more information: The intention of the events is to provide an open and safe environment for community […]

  • Online Community ROI

    At the recent Online Community Business Forum, Joe Cothrel and I presented on Online Community ROI. Specifically, we proposed the notion that there was enough publicly available data and likely enough data internally that most companies could put together a model that describes the ROI of its’ Online Community Investments. Session 3: Online Community ROI […]

  • OC Business Forum Starts today in Sonoma

    We will be adding blog posts, flickr feeds and maybe even a tweet or two throughout the day.

  • Strategy Anxiety

    I’ve heard a lot of discussion around creating formal online community strategies in the last 6 months. I’ve also heard of (and experienced) community efforts that are stalled or even abandoned because of lack of a formal, codified strategy. Personally, I think this is just silly. Think about it: What if you had to come […]

  • Online Community Basics: Start with Research – The 3 questions to ask

    Cross-posted from the OC Report. As a follow up to all the recent questions I’ve been getting about basic online community strategy, I’ve decided to write a series on online community basics. First up is one of my favorite topics: research! Start With Research: The 3 questions to ask. Q1. What does your current community […]

  • Online Community Report: 2 great interviews

    Two interviews I recently conducted for the Online Community Report: Shawn Morton from TechRepulic / Cnet In addition to his “day job” as Product Manager for TechRepublic, Shawn is also behind Steve Nelson from Clear Ink Steve has a great point of view on the intersection of marketing and online community, and keen insite […]