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  • Marketing & Online Communities Research Report Released

    Our Online Community Research Network ( initiated the The Marketing & Online Community research study in June of 2007. The study explored the current state of marketing to online communities, from the perspective of both the online community host, as well as from the perspective of the marketer. The research participants included large software companies,…

  • Online Community Ideas – best of 2007

    I posted the following content in the Online Community Report newsletter this morning, but I wanted to blog this as well. The Big Ideas of 2007 The following are, to my eyes, the “big ideas” that emerged in 2007. I feel these ideas set the stage for the meaningful activity that will play out in…

  • Social Bookmarkingin plain English

    The folks at Common Craft have put together another great “in plain English” video. This time, it is on Social Bookmarking. Enjoy!

  • Miphone: love it, love it, love it

    I have had my iphone since around lunch today, when FedEx dropped it off. I have to say, I LOVE IT. I really haven’t even used it as a phone yet… I think I’ve made 2 calls all day. I seriously can’t stop picking it up. Ok, ok, I know I’m totally geeking out. What…

  • RSS: Too geeky for too long

    Lee and Sachi LeFever from CommomCraft put together this hilarious and educational video on RSS. In my opinion, great format! Enjoy: Click To Play