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  • It’s Time to Flip the Social Media & Community ROI Equation on its Head

    It’s Time to Flip the Social Media & Community ROI Equation on its Head

    It’s time to move to a more equitable participation and recognition model for Brand Online Communities.

  • The Role of Brands in Online Communities

    There seems to be a wave of bad advice and misguided thinking regarding where and how brands should engage with their communities. Examples include pundits advising brands to prioritize social efforts “off domain”, being passive observers in their communities instead of active hosts, and a general sentiment that hosting a brand-based online community is high […]

  • Online Community ROI: Models and Reporting – Research Study Posted

    Research is a large part of the activities that I and Forum One Networks engages in. The Online Community Research Network studies and publishes 6 times a year on topics that matter to those responsible for guiding online community and social media activities in their organization. The Online Community ROI Models and Reporting research study […]

  • Marketing & Online Communities Research Report Released

    Our Online Community Research Network ( initiated the The Marketing & Online Community research study in June of 2007. The study explored the current state of marketing to online communities, from the perspective of both the online community host, as well as from the perspective of the marketer. The research participants included large software companies, […]

  • How to Develop a Community Strategy

    INTRODUCTION: This post is targeted at folks just getting started with online community activities at their respective organizations. It is written with the brand or product-specific corporate communities in mind, but is somewhat applicable to independent communities and non profit organizations.A few key points to begin with: First, the working assumption here is that most […]

  • Online Community ROI 2007 – Report Released

    We publicly released the Online Community ROI report last week. The research project was conducted as part of the Online Community Research Network agenda, and was initially released to OCRN members in May. The study had many interesting findings, including: • Only 22% of respondents could clearly articulate ROI on community efforts • The majority […]

  • Online Community ROI: Reporting on Dimensions of Value

    We conducted the Online Community ROI research study in May of 2007, as a function of the Online Community Research Network. The study explored how organizations determined ROI, what dimensions of value were being reported to management, and the attitudes in the organization around the concept of community value. We had over 50 completed surveys, […]