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  • Marketing & Online Communities: An update on speakers and topics (and a kick ass reception)

    Cross-posted from the OC Report: Following closely on the heels of the Online Community Summit, The Marketing & Online Communities conference is less than a month away. The Marketing & Online Communities conference is intended to be an in-depth discussion on the current issues and opportunities in marketing to communities. Marketers and brand managers seem […]

  • 5 Questions Webinar: My content, transcript and archive

    I had the pleasure of participating in a webinar yesterday with George Jaquette of Intuit and Aaron Strout of Shared Insights. Aaron just posted the webinar archive and transcript on the site. Additionally, I wanted to post my notes from the event, which more or less sum up what I said (or meant to […]

  • The evolving role of the Community Manager

    Cross posted from the OC Report: The topic of online community team organizational structures seems to be getting increasingly hot. The two main questions seem to be: • Where does the community team “belong” in a corporate structure? • What are the roles on that team? I’ve explored the former a couple of times, so […]

  • Online Community Research: Metrics 2007 Report Posted

    The Online Community Metrics 2007 research report has been posted on the Online Community Research Network. You can download the report from the OCRN home page. Some of the most significant findings published in this study include: • Metrics options: a wide-ranging list of new and different metrics which respondents found valuable apart from the […]

  • Social Networking: It’s still early

    Joi Podgorny had an excellent post yesterday… mostly about LinkedIn bashing, and general snarkiness of late in the debate about Facebook vs. (insert your favorite social network / social media tool here). One point she makes in the post is that it is still *really* early in the game. Those of us using social networking […]

  • Metrics: Page Views Out, Time On Site In

    Nielsen/NetRatings is dropping page views as a key site ranking metric, and the AP report: Now, news that Nielsen/NetRatings is planning a major shift in web metrics, moving, according to the AP, from page views as the key metric to time spent on a site. This new approach will likely shake up current rankings, […]