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  • The Secret Ingredient for Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Community Management.

    Clearly Customer Lifecycle Marketing is incredibly valuable when all stages of the lifecycle are addressed. So what is the problem? Based on my direct experience and years of studying the intersection of marketing and online community, I would assert that building meaningful relationships at scale is still an undeveloped function in the majority of most organizations. The missing ingredient? Community Management.

  • Attributes of Thriving Online Communities

    I got my start building online communities in 1999 with the launch of We grew from a cold start of 0 to 2 Million members in less than 2 years before being acquired by Gartner – it was an insane ride. I was first asked the question of (more or less) “What makes a […]

  • Announcing the Online Community Unconference 2013 – We’re Back!

    File under: blog posts I never thought I would be writing – but excited that I am. It’s been an interesting journey to get here (and I’m certain it will continue to be), but I’m very pleased to announce that we will hosting the Online Community Unconference in Mountain View, CA on May 21ist. > You […]

  • #CMAD 2013 and Sharing Some Appreciation

    Today (ok, technically tomorrow) is Community Manager Appreciation Day, or #CMAD. As I mentioned before, Jeremiah Owyang will be tracking the global celebration via his blog: 4th Annual Community Manager Appreciation Day: Jan 28, 2013 In my last post about #CMAD, I encouraged everyone participating to “find there own A”: I originally chose to support […]

  • Online Community Expert Interviews: The Best of 2007

    I just put together a short list of our best interviews from the Online Community Report for 2007. We had a great group of Community experts sharing their experiences, and I think you will agree that the content is worth a second look. Shawn Morton, CNET “The big lesson … was to follow the needs […]

  • Who Owns Community? – Webinar this Wednesday

     I’m doing a webinar with Matthew Lees from the Patricia Seybold Group this Wednesday about how the community team functions and is funded in the corporate environment. Please join us if you can. Who Owns Community? – Webinar Aligning Business Sponsorship and Responsibility with Community Goals Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 […]

  • 5 Questions Webinar: My content, transcript and archive

    I had the pleasure of participating in a webinar yesterday with George Jaquette of Intuit and Aaron Strout of Shared Insights. Aaron just posted the webinar archive and transcript on the site. Additionally, I wanted to post my notes from the event, which more or less sum up what I said (or meant to […]

  • The Social Graph: A Conversation with Marc Smith from Microsoft Research

    Note: This is cross-posted from the OC Report. You have probably been hearing the term “social graph” a lot in recent weeks. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook describes the concept in a recent Business Week article: As he (Zuckerberg) describes it, this is a mathematical construct that maps the real-life connections between every human on the […]

  • Interview with Joi Podgorny on the OC Report

    If you haven’t, check out the interview I did with Joi on the Online Community Report. She obviously did the hard part… providing great content! This month’s Online Community Expert interview is with Joi Podgorny of Ludorum, Inc. Joi’s area of expertise is the post-Facebook crowd, Tweens and Children. Joi’s Bio: Joi has worked the […]

  • The evolving role of the Community Manager

    Cross posted from the OC Report: The topic of online community team organizational structures seems to be getting increasingly hot. The two main questions seem to be: • Where does the community team “belong” in a corporate structure? • What are the roles on that team? I’ve explored the former a couple of times, so […]