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  • Serendipity: A Key Theme for 2012

    Serendipity sure seems to be a key theme for me in 2012. First, I was on a panel at SxSWi with a few very smart folks titled “Get Lucky: Create Serendipity to Spur Innovation” – Panel organizer Rawn Shah posted a great recap post here: Serendipity and Innovation at SXSW . This week, I’ll be having a […]

  • Community Management as Stewardship – and Happy #CMAD!

    stew·ard·ship : the conducting, supervising, or managing of something;especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care <stewardship of natural resources> In the run up to Community Manager Appreciation Day, I’ve had a lot of conversations about the evolving role of the community manager. One topic keeps surfacing during all the conversations, no matter […]

  • Developing a Social Strategy: Research Project Open for Participation

    note: this is cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog. The next Online Community Research Network project is open for participation. In January, OCRN members discussed and prioritized a long list of topics, and the issue that made top of the list was “Developing Social a Strategy”. The OCRN chose to study how social media […]

  • Online Communities: Surviving & Thriving Webcast

    The archive for Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar”>Online Communities: Thriving in the Economic Downturn Webinar is now available. You can view an archive of the video / audio from the webcast here: On the webcast today, I was joined by Thor Muller of Satisfaction, Chris Kenton of SocialRep and Scott Wilder […]

  • Ecosystem Powerpoint Slides

    I was part of the “Building a Business Case for Social Marketing” webinar yesterday hosted by Aaron Strout of Powered. During the presentation, I promised to post my slide illustating the concept of a community ecosystem. The ppt deck has two versions of this diagram, one on a black background with a build, and one […]

  • Online Community Roundtable: Jan 8 in SF

    The next Online Community Roundtable will be held Thursday, January 8 at SolutionSet in San Francisco. The Roundtable is intended for seasoned community managers and strategists. We have room for 20 folks, and seats are going fast. The event is free. To RSVP for the Roundtable, please go here: About the Roundtables… The Roundtables […]

  • Online Community Expert Interviews: The Best of 2007

    I just put together a short list of our best interviews from the Online Community Report for 2007. We had a great group of Community experts sharing their experiences, and I think you will agree that the content is worth a second look. Shawn Morton, CNET “The big lesson … was to follow the needs […]

  • Starting the New Year Off Right: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Community

    This is cross-posted from the OC Report. In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to encourage community managers, strategists and teams to do a bit of self-reflection on the old (2007) and planning for the new (2008). The following are five key questions you and your team might explore in the coming weeks. […]

  • Metrics: Page Views Out, Time On Site In

    Nielsen/NetRatings is dropping page views as a key site ranking metric, and the AP report: Now, news that Nielsen/NetRatings is planning a major shift in web metrics, moving, according to the AP, from page views as the key metric to time spent on a site. This new approach will likely shake up current rankings, […]

  • Blogging’s A-list – Off with their heads?

    Cross-posted from the Online Community Report. A cry for revolution was heard over the July 4th holiday this week, for the era of the A list bloggers to come to an end. It all started (i think) with Kent Newsome’s pretty hilarious spoof on the Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of Blogging Independence, where he […]