Resources from “Adventures in Collaboration” Hybrid @ MURAL Session


This is a follow up post for those that participated in the Adventures in Collaboration session for MURAL’s Hybrid series.

First off – thanks for attending!

Secondly – the screen resolution shared through Zoom isn’t as good as having access to the actual material, so I’ve included screenshots and the MURALs below for both of the cases I walked through… as well as a completely unapologetic love letter to one of my favorite books – “The Universal Traveler” by Koberg and Bagnall.

Community Leaders / Advocates

The first case study was the Community Leader session we ran with Atma Connect. It was an honor to be asked to assist the team with their strategic discussions that focused on pivoting their product and community model to be based on local (in country / community) leaders.

I’ve included a screenshot of the session MURAL below as well as a blank template should you want to run a similar session.

Link to the MURAL:

AI & Communities

The second case described a research debrief / sense-making session we ran last year with our Cohere Mastermind community of brand community executives. After reviewing our 2020 report, we guided the group through an exercise to help envision and plan their own “expedition” to pilot AI initiatives.

The session went from reviewing highlights from the report:

To teeing up the concept of a pilot as an adventure / expedition:

Introducing the idea of anthropomorphizing AI as a super hero:

And finally moving into MURAL to explore concepts and plan an AI adventure (pilot).

Link to the MURAL:

The Universal Traveler

I was introduced to the first version of this book in college. I was a fine arts major, and my freshman year (’90) Sculpture class read, discussed and followed the creative process outlined in the book.

At first I really didn’t get it, and it was frustrating to be made to study and follow a process, instead of just being… creative.

Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate the creative muscle memory the book (and the awesome and thoroughly updated 2nd edition) has created. If you want to dig in and explore beyond “Design Thinking” to design process and a holistic method for designing, well, anything – this book is for you!

Read / borrow on
Review on Brianpickings
Before Design Thinking” on PRINT

Additional books / sources of inspiration:

  • Open Space Technology – Harrison Owen
  • Gamestorming – Gray, Brown and Macanufo
  • Liberating Structures – Lipmanowicz and McCandles

I hope you found the session and these resources valuable. If you have additional questions or want to discuss a possible project – please reach out.


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