Dude, Dell’s Getting a Bill

I have some personal career news that I would like to share: I’m
joining Dell’s Community and Social Media team on April 5th!

I’m very excited to be going to a company that has shown true
leadership and vision in the social media space, including Ideastorm
and their effective use of Twitter.

I’ll miss my colleagues at Forum One very much – they are one of the
most passionate and knowledgeable group of folks I’ve ever had a
chance to work with. I know they will continue to do innovative and
world-changing work. I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish
in the last three years, including our events (Unconferences, Summits
and Business Forums), our research into community metrics,
compensation, strategy and engagement, and being able to work with
clients like The Global Fund, Autodesk, Cisco and the AARP.

My homebase will remain in Sonoma with regular trips to Austin, so I
feel like I get the best of a couple of worlds: remaining plugged in
to the community in the Bay Area, but also getting to participate in
the cool things happening in Austin these days.

I also look forward to be able to put more energy into the Online
Community Roundtable – http://bit.ly/ocroundtable, a networking group
for community and social media pros which I founded in 2005 while I
was at Autodesk.

I’ll continue to blog here, and you can always reach me at billdozer
at gmail dot com.

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