Proud to be Participating: SXSW Cause Lab | WeCanEndThis

On March 15, the CauseLab kicks-off a 30-day virtual brainstorm through a new digital co-creation platform called Goodzuma — all in an effort to develop the most powerful, effective, and impactful ideas to end hunger in America.

We are inviting disrupters and innovators from all disciplines to solve three main challenges to ending hunger in America. How do we:

  1. Design the hunger-free community?
  2. Humanize hunger using data?
  3. Accelerate local action?

Participants in the room at SXSWi will use Goodzuma to create and capture their ideas during the daylong session. At the same time, people nationwide can join the brainstorm to edit these ideas or upload their own.  After the brainstorm ends, our charity partners will review all the ideas and use the money raised thru to implement the best ones.

And, our charity partners aren’t the only ones who will benefit. Through the generosity of Goodzuma, we will award a $1,000 Innovation Prize to the person judged to have the best idea and a $500 Collaboration Prize to the person who helps one of the ideas become better.

More details about the CauseLab, the two prizes, and how you can get started will be shared here on March 11.

Attending SXSWi?
Join us on March 15 in the Austin Suite (3rd floor convention center) for the in-person experience. There will be two sessions: 9:30 am-12 pm and 3:30 pm – 6 pm. You can attend either or both.  Each will begin with a bold challenge to end hunger in America and share a first draft of a roadmap for how that happens. Then, you will get quickly to work on creating and shaping your ideas for how take the idea of a hunger-free America and make it a reality.

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Thrilled to have been asked by Anne Mai to help facilitate CauseLab.

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2 responses to “Proud to be Participating: SXSW Cause Lab | WeCanEndThis”

  1. sounds really exciting – its a really important issue. looking forward to hearing how we can join in online.
    p.s. really important too is to make sure that whatever helps create a hunger-free america doesn’t cause additional hunger elsewhere in the world. even better that a hunger-free america also helps reduce global hunger

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