Online Community Unconference East: Moving Forward, Together

We are less than 48 hours from the Online Community Unconference East (yeah!). This is the third year we’ve run the Online Community Unconference in New York, and we’ve had great events both years. On think I wanted to be a bit more mindful of for this year’s Unconference was to really be mindful of focusing the group’s energy on specific outcomes. Our theme for this year’s Uncoference reflects this intention:

“Moving forward, together”

We will use the theme as a guiding principle for the sessions on Wednesday, and ask that participants think about what is needed to move forward personally, professionally, and to move community and social media forward as an industry. We will also explore what progress (moving forward) looks like. Our notional topic list from the Unconference wiki (which will be open to the public after the Unconference) reflects the “moving forward” intention:

  • Online Community & Social Media Metrics: Getting to Standards
  • Monetizing industry communities (not related to a single brand or company)
  • The Community Team: Roles, Responsibilities, Job Descriptions and Reporting Structures
  • Using Community and Collaboration Tools Within the Enterprise
  • Lessons Learned: Pitfalls and Best Practices in Community-Building
  • How to hire community & Social Media staff
  • Online Presence: Creating a social strategy on and beyond your domain
  • “Social Shopping” Communities (focus on online brand advocacy, product reviews and ratings, “social” information search, etc.)
  • Leaving (too many) online footprints in (too many) communities
  • How to interest and keep volunteers in a commercial environment?
  • Beyond “Listening” – Comprehensive Community & Social Media monitoring and engagement
  • Community and Social Media reporting and insights
  • Case Studies for the class of 2009: Successful community engagements and social media campaigns from 2009 (bring yours to share)
  • Validation: Do verified accounts make a difference in communities for better engagement?

There are still tickets available for the Unconference. For more information (including attendee list), please go here:

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