Online Community Platform & Vendor Research

This is cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog.

The Online Community Platform and Services Satisfaction research report was published in March of this year as part of the ongoing efforts of the Online Community Research Network. The intention of the research project was to provide insight about customer attitudes towards online community platform and service vendors, particularly around satisfaction. Further, we wanted to explore the unmet needs in the online community platform and services market. The study had over 200 participants, and we gathered data on all major commercial and open source online community platforms, as well as feedback on custom built platforms. Key highlights from the research are covered in the slides below.

The full Online Communities: Platform and Services Satisfaction Report can be purchased here:

2 responses to “Online Community Platform & Vendor Research”

    • Thanks Miguel. Keep in mind, Forum One is a small company. We are trying to subsidize the cost of the research network via memberships.

      I’m aiming to make a “feed the kids” stream of revenue, vs. “buy a Ferrari” revenue 🙂

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