Ecosystem Powerpoint Slides

I was part of the “Building a Business Case for Social Marketing” webinar yesterday hosted by Aaron Strout of Powered. During the presentation, I promised to post my slide illustrating the concept of a community ecosystem.

The ppt deck has two versions of this diagram, one on a black background with a build, and one with just a white background.

I hope you find the diagram useful in your presentations.

Updated: 9/25/18 – I published a new version of the Ecosystem Slides, with several new diagrams:
pptCommunity Ecosystem Slides 2018

Community Ecosystem Slides (2005)

A preview of the ecosystem diagram

A preview of the ecosystem diagram


  1. Dave Ehrhorn

    Awesome slide. I would love to have an understanding of some of your talking points as I was not there to hear any of your thoughtful comments.


  2. David

    Hi Bill – this is interesting as it pushes everyone to think holistically about social media, that it’s about more than just facebook and twitter. I like how events and meetups are on your map, because they can play an important role in overall community building.

  3. Lynn Langelier

    This may seem like a very simple question, but I came across your slides when searching for help to find a powerpoint template for an ecosystem slide. I would appreciate any help you could send me regarding a chart template to create my ecosystem slide. I haven’t yet found anything. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Lynn

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