Who Owns Community?

This is a presentation I did last fall on “ownership” of community in the enterprise.

In the presentation, I talk about hwo the notion of ownership is problematic, and review potential governance scenarios.

Update: some folks have complained about the legibility of the text via the slideshare prezo. If you want to download the deck, go here: http://www.kingmonkey.com/whoownscommunity_v1.pdf

2 responses to “Who Owns Community?”

  1. Hi Bill,

    Looks like a really interesting series of slides, but unfortunately the text is too small to read from slide 3 onwards, and it won’t allow me to click through to the version on Slideshare… Any chance you could email me a direct link to the slideshare page for it please? 🙂

  2. Thanks bill,

    I’m also in a direct link to the slideshare page so I can have a larger view the slides . This is a topic that is particularly relivent to my team right now.


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