Social Media Blackjack

I stumbled on this last night. One of the key takeaways from the Community 2.0 conference this year:

Thanks to Aaron Strout for shooting / publishing 🙂

4 responses to “Social Media Blackjack”

  1. Bill – still laughing about this interview. Who doesn’t love the concept of Social Media Blackjack! BTW, sorry for the rawness of the video – I have “editing” on the “to do” list but haven’t got around to it yet. 😉

    Aaron | @astrout

  2. Hmmmm. So putting on the back burner the late night and the booze, are there social media blackjack lessons that can be learned when applying this with working online with community members from the developing world, many of whom are among the 3.5 billion that make under $3 per day?

  3. Hey Mark – thanks for chiming in.

    WRT lessons… maybe. We were able to continue playing by not being stingy and passing around a modest amount of working capital. Maybe some sort of peer-based microfinance or barter solution?

    The stakes are much higher in the developing world than on the vegas strip, that’s for sure.

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