Online Community Unconference 2008: Wiki Open

The wiki for the Online Community Unconference 2008 is now open to all for reading / commenting. Of particular value are the session notes.

The wiki can be found here:

Selected session notes include:
Worst Case Scenerios – What to do when things go terribly wrong

Cross Networking Madness – How are niche communities using data portability

Building the Collaboration Ecosystem – All components for community building success

Community Management 101: How to get started in this big wide world

Managing communities across multiple sites – Twitter, FB, MySpace, etc…

Community Year One – Phases, Activities, Successes

The platforms for community are SH*T. Discuss

Managing Entitlement – wrangling with the elite & noisy

There were over 40 sessions, and most have some level of documentation on the wiki.


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