Mobile Communities Unconference in Palo Alto 3/20

Hot on the heels of the Unconference East, we have the Mobile Communities Unconference coming up March 20th in Palo Alto.

The intention of the Mobile Communities Unconference is to explore the opportunities with building community via mobile devices. If you are developing social networking applications for mobile, or creating a strategy for extending your communities presence on to mobile devices you will likely find this event valuable.

Several factors are driving the importance and relevance of this topic, most notably the fact that the number of mobile handsets in use globally dwarfs the number of personal computers.

The shear number of mobile devices, combined with the increasing sophistication of mobile devices, increasing speed of data flowing on mobile networks, the increasingly robust web experiences available via mobiles, and the explosion in interest around social networking begs the questions:
– what impact will mobile have on pc-bound online community experiences?
– what are the unique opportunities for mobile-only experiences that transcend voice and leverage text and mobile internet access?
– when will the US catch up to the technology leaders in the mobile space, like Korea?

Mobile is such a juicy topic right now. Combine that with an Unconference format, and you have a very interesting day of discussion.

We have a great group of folks coming already. A sample of the partcipating organizations include:

– SolutionSet
– YouTube
– 3jam
– FunMobility
– Microsoft
– CollabNet
– Liveworld
– Google
– TechSoup
– Gatheringpoint Digital LLC
– Omega Mobile, Inc.
– Yahoo! Inc
– Lithium
– Digital Chocolate
– itsmylife Labs
– Alta Partners
– MobileLife Inc.

Again, we just extended early bird pricing of $145 until the end of day on Friday, 2/29.
To register, go here:

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