Online Community Unconference – 2/21 in New York City

We are about a week away from the The Online Community Unconference East. There are a fantastic group of organizations coming, including:

  • Alliance to Save Energy
  • AOL
  • Business Week Digital
  • Changing The Present
  • Consumers Union
  • Cyworld
  • EchoDitto
  • Family Justice
  • Gartner
  • IBM
  • Mercy Corps
  • Patricia Seybold Group
  • Showtime Networks Inc
  • Socialtext
  • Texas Instruments
  • TV Guide Online

We have about 15 tickets remaining, and we expect to sell out this week. To register, go to

We are holding a handful of “scholarship” tickets for those that are still in school, or those whose budgets are tight. Please email me directly to inquire about one of these tickets.

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