New session leads for the Marketing & Online Communities conference

We are lining up the final speaker slots for the Marketing & Online Community conference.

We’ve added three folks this week that I am particularly excited about (ok, I’m also excited by the whole lineup).

David Dunne – Edelman

I’ve been a fan of Edelman since a former Autodesk colleague introduced me to their Trust Barometer a couple of years ago. I’m glad to have their perspective a part of the conference.

Thor Muller – Satisfaction
Satisfaction intends to turn customer support, and by extension, brand ownership on it’s ear. If you aren’t familiar with the site, check it out. It turns out our CEO Chris blogged about them several weeks ago.

Richard Weil – Cartoon Network
Richard is working on a very interesting virtual world project. I’m not sure how much I am free to say at this point… so we will just leave it as that.

It is interesting to watch traditional marketing and advertising agencies confront the power of the connected consumer. I’m very excited to get to New York and to explore this topic with the brands, agencies and communities that are coming.

One response to “New session leads for the Marketing & Online Communities conference”

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