Webinar: 5 Questions Every Company is Asking About their Community

I am doing a webinar on Tuesday, September 25th with George Jaquette of Intuit and Aaron Strout of Shared Insights.

We will be exploring the following 5 questions that most companies are asking about their community initiatives:

1. How do I create a value-driven community strategy?
2. Which metrics should I be measuring?(Measuring value in traditional and non-traditional ways)
3. How do I manage my community, and how can I enlist my community to help?
4. How do I grow my community without losing intimacy?
5. Within our company, who should blog and who shouldn’t?

Please join us, and participate in the conversation.

5 Questions Every Company is Asking About their Community
Where: Online
When: September 25, 2007 at 2:00 PM ET

Sign up here.

2 responses to “Webinar: 5 Questions Every Company is Asking About their Community”

  1. Hello! I just participated in the roundtable and I was unable to save the links provided in the last slide. Can you please direct me to a source for this?

    Thanks ~ jennifer

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