Marketing & Online Communities Conference: Updates

The Marketing & Online Communities conference is a little over two months away. The pre-conference activities are heating up, and I wanted to provide a short update.

First, we launched a Marketing & Online Communities microsite, with more information on speakers, location and sponsors.

Our confirmed speaker and adviser list includes:

• Dave Bottoms – Yahoo!
• Betsy Burroughs – Future Catalyst
• Andy Chambers – Digit
• Marcien Jenckes – AOL
• Michael Leifer – Guerrilla PR
• Tim Manners – THE HUB Magazine / Cool News of the Day
• Steve Rubel – Edelman / Micro Persuasion

We are also speaking with several more folks from agencies, consumer products and the entertainment industry. Expect this list to grow over the next 2 weeks.

The intention of the conference is to have an in depth discussion about the challenges and opportunities that communities and social media present to both marketers and to community hosts and members. We are in the middle of great change, and we are seeing real world examples play out, sometimes to the detriment of the brand and the community, such as the recent Wal Mart / Facebook campaign.

If you would like to request an invitation to the event, please fill out this short form.

Some speaking and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please let me know if you would like to discuss.

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