Social Networking: It’s still early

Joi Podgorny had an excellent post yesterday… mostly about LinkedIn bashing, and general snarkiness of late in the debate about Facebook vs. (insert your favorite social network / social media tool here).

One point she makes in the post is that it is still *really* early in the game. Those of us using social networking and media tools are the early adopters. I tend to forget this, as I am on the periphery of the bay area tech hype bubble, which tends to be self-referential and self-absorbed.

The Numbers:


  • Global Population: 6,574,666,417
  • Global Internet Users: 1,154,358,778

Sourced from Wikipedia:

  • My Space Members: 106,000,000
  • Linked Members: 10,000,000
  • Facebook Members: 30,000,000

So, assuming that these numbers are in the neighborhood of legit, the best of the best social network only has ~10% global penetration.

It’s easy to forget that it is still early.

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