Facebook: Kottke calls it

As I’ve said before, I REALLY don’t get all the hype about facebook.

Jason Kottke nails it in two with his original and clarification post comparing Facebook to AOL.

It’s just that I, unlike many other people, don’t think that Facebook and Facebook Platform are the future of the web. The platform is great for Facebook, but it’s a step sideways or even backwards (towards an AOL-style service) for the web. …

Think of it this way. Facebook is an intranet for you and your friends that just happens to be accessible without a VPN. If you’re not a Facebook user, you can’t do anything with the site…nearly everything published by their users is private.

One of the main points of value that is lost to me is my network of former colleagues at Autodesk, TechRepublic, and my former classmates at WKU. Because I no longer have access to those email addresses, I can’t join the networks. I don’t feel comfortable enough with the application to dump all my contacts in en masse.

I will likely continue to spend a few minutes in facebook every wee, but I’m pretty sure its not going to become the hub of my online social world.

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