What do you buy for an Unconference?

I had to do shopping today for the Unconference, and I got some strange looks at Staples, so I thought I would share my list 🙂

Shopping List:

(2) Rolls of paper.. 36″ (three feet ones are better) but often the stationary store only sells 24″ and that is ok.  In the rare case you find 48″ or 4′ that is fantastic.

(8-10) Rolls Masking tape to both get the chart onto the wall and the sessions onto the board.

(500 sheet Ream) 8×11 White Paper

(4 Boxes) Water soluble pens for flip charts these can be the smelly marker brand or sharpie or crayola.

(2 boxes)  dry erase markers

(6) Post-it Flip charts. I am a fan of the stick on kind so that people can put them together on a wall and get a bigger surface area.


pads of paper


table number holders

Lanyards for staff

I’m not sure why folks in the store thought my cart looked so odd?

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