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John Hagel’s POV on Community 2.0
In this eloquent and poignant post, John builds upon his keynote at c2.o to offer one of the most relevant perspectives on the current state of online communities, and the “Bottom Line Opportunity”.

OC Expert Interview: Lee LeFever, Common Craft
Great insight from Lee, especially around the topic of community management.

Community 2.0 Conference Coverage
The Community 2.0 conference, March 12-14 in Las Vegas, was a great success. The conference had over 200 attendees, and there were several interesting presentations and panel discussions. As usual, the conversations in the halls between sessions were often as interesting as the sessions themselves.
Community 2.0: A frantic update, John Hagel’s keynote & more
– OC Report
Online Community Lessons from SXSW and Community 2.0 – Common Craft
JOHN HAGEL’s KEYNOTE at Community 2.0 Conference – Patty Seybold
Community 2.0: Links, and more thoughts – OC Report
c2.0 Blog Coverage – Community 2.0

Mozilla transforming into a social network
Project Coop: Building the Social Network into the browser

Compete Introduces Attention Statistics
Compete attempts to go beyond visits and page views by introducing the concepts of “Attention” and “Velocity”

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