Cole’s “Tracking Online Community Participation” prezo published

From the Brand Summit.

Jeff Cole’s presentation on tracking online community participation.

A few interesting slides, especially the 3 labeled “life of a 12-24″,” 25 – 54″, and” 55+”. Nothing really shocking here… all the kidee-loos (12-24) will be connected to and use the net exclusively on their mobiles, and won’t read newspapers (still don’t buy it). The 25-54 y/o set use RSS and aggregate content online, and create content to “share reviews… but not intimacies” (somebody should tell Dooce). The 55+ set will only go online to see the grandkids and to email… ok, this I buy. Actually, I don’t buy this one either. It occured to me this morning that I know tons of folks over 55 who are very technically savvy.

Some potentially interesting slides are unreadable, because the labels on the x axis are obscured.

With 6 years of data from the “Surveying the Digital Future” project, I’m sure Dr Cole is sitting on tons of interesting Community participation data. I’m not sure it was presented here.

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